Sweet Momma, It’s ok…

To the sweet Momma of the handsome little guy that sat behind us at the baseball game, I need you to know that it’s ok.

It’s ok that your little guy hit me on the shoulder, it didn’t bother me a bit. Because, what you don’t know is that I have a handsome little guy that has a lot in common with yours, and I’m glad your little guy wanted to say hi.

It’s ok that your son didn’t look me in the eyes when I talked to him, I know that used to be very tough for my little guy. Some days we still struggle with it. I still enjoyed talking to him.

It’s ok that when I spoke to him he didn’t respond to me, I could see how excited he was to be at the game!! My little guy also struggles to find words. I could see how excited he was to be at the game, he didn’t have to tell me.

It’s ok that he would get excited and make noises, I loved hearing them. It reminded me of my little guy. I’m glad he was having fun.

It’s ok that you were a little nervous for me to talk to your little guy after he tapped me. I wasn’t upset in the slightest. I know I get nervous when people talk to my son, because they may not be understanding and I’m never sure what my little guy will do. My son gently rubbed his fist on another boy’s face last week as a way of asking him to play, no one was hurt, but the little boy was not interested in playing after that. It broke my heart a bit. You see, I know your struggle very well.

When it started to rain and we went up to the shop I decided that I shouldn’t have waited to talk to you about how similar our lives are, but when we came back, you were gone.

I’m sorry sweet Momma that I didn’t tell you how precious your son is. I’m sorry I didn’t give you encouragement on how patient you are. I’m sorry I didn’t reassure you that you are doing an awesome job. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you that I didn’t mind however your son enjoyed the game, because it wouldn’t have bothered my husband or myself. Because sweet Momma, the shoes that you wear, I wear too. The shoes of a Mom of a special needs child.

So, sweet Momma, you are amazing, and so is your son!! I hope that you all had a wonderful time at the game.

From the couple in front of you ;o)

Date Night at the Gwinnett Braves

Date Night at the Gwinnett Braves

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