DIY Shabby Chic Burlap Monogram Christmas Ornament

We have only 5 days until Christmas & if you're anything like my Truly Sweet family then you're watching tons of Christmas movies, baking sweet treats, & making gifts for family & friends. I posted a picture of one of the ornaments Shae & I have been busy making and have gotten a lot of people asking how to make it. So, I thought I would make a quick DIY for this Shabby Chic Christmas Ornament. Here's what the final product will look like.  photo photo1.jpg **Please excuse the iphone photo. I have a sweet & very sick little guy snuggled on me that has decided that I shouldn't get up... at all. So, the iphone photos will have to do today.** While in Michael's (during the huge Christmas sale) I saw these cute, empty, hard, plastic ornaments that looked like glass. The opening was fairly big, so I thought it would be great to fill. Keep in mind all of the Christmas things in Michaels are 70% off right now, so this shabby chic ornament is super cute & doesn't break the bank.  photo photo1-1.jpg Now to fill this little gem... I found some greenery that had small berries & small pinecones. This was perfect!!  photo photo5.jpg In some of the ornaments I did a pinecone with the greenery instead of the berries, so it was nice to be able to switch up the look of the ornaments. I like monogramming & personalizing gifts. I have a cricut, but not everyone else has one. So, if you have a cricut then make your letters. If you don't have a cricut, pay $2.99 for a pack of black letter stickers. This is one 1/2 of the entire section of Black lettering in Michaels.  photo photo2.jpg This was the letter sheet that I found the most appealing for this project.  photo photo3-1.jpg Make sure you get letters that don't have any clear border. Here's a close up so you can see what I'm talking about.  photo photo4.jpg Now it's time to put everything together... Make sure you put the twig of greenery in with the branch up. The same with the berries. The top will cover the branch end when you pop it back on. Next you put the 1st letter of the Last name or the monogram of the couple on the front. Then hot glue a burlap bow & add twine to hang it on the tree. Then Voila!!! You have a beautiful, personal, handmade gift for someone special. Handmade gifts are my favorite!! I hope whoever you make this for will also love it!!  photo photo1.jpg I hope your Christmas is the merriest!! Cheers!! Reneé

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