Today, it will have to wait… because tomorrow will be here soon.

a Truly Sweet Photography-0080 copyI have a list a mile long of things that need to be done. The garage needs cleaned out, the floor needs swept & mopped. I have emails to answer and calls to make, but today, it can wait... I have closets that need organized and dirty clothes that need washed. I have toys that need contained and food I need to prepare. But, for today, just for a while, it can wait. Because, today I have two sweet babes who want to play. I have two sweet babes who would rather spend time with me than watch me work on my computer. I have sweet babes who love each other so much and enjoy playing together. You see, if I keep focusing so much on the details of life and work I will begin to miss the blessing that is today. And today, my blessings are still in pajamas with messy hair & sitting on my counter top next to the sink full of dirty dishes. I fear there will come a time in the not-so-distant future when my sweet babes will get older and no longer want to play together. They may not want to show me the newest dance they've created or the final round of races on their track. These sweet babes may not care so much if I'm working at my computer or not. There may come a time when Shae doesn't want to "get all of Dawson's kisses". So, there will come a time when I will miss these blessings that are today, Because, eventually, tomorrow will come and my babes will be grown.   a Truly Sweet Photography-0075 copy 2a Truly Sweet Photography-0076-2 copy So, today we play. Today we sit on the counter. Today, we play pretend. Today, I order from Shae's restaurant menu she drew. Today, we cover the dining room table with hundreds of cars & have tons of races. Today we play Mommy Monster & chase each other until we end up in a pile of tickle monsters. Tomorrow is when I will tackle that list. I will organize and clean. I will work on my computer, tomorrow. Today I will enjoy today.   a Truly Sweet Photography-0084 copya Truly Sweet Photography-0083 copy a Truly Sweet Photography-0082 copy        

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