Comparing Mom and Son's thoughts on the first day of school

Fear will not steal my joy.

I refuse to let my worried-Momma-thoughts spoil the joy that comes with the start of a wonderful new adventure, like school!!…

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Parenting is tough… I lost it.

Today was one of those days… You know, the kind of day when you question your parenting skills in the middle of the…

Britt15 (3)

Hey you!! Quit giving me dirty looks while my kid melts down…

Although you may see a stoic-looking Momma calmly talking to her screaming child, what you don’t see is when that Momma is turning to the side she is wiping away tears because her heart is breaking for her baby. You don’t see that when that Momma gets home she breaks down because she wishes it wasn’t so hard. Because it is HARD some days. REALLY HARD.

Awesome with Autism = Au-some

I love someone Au-some Fundraiser

Hey guys!! Our family is participating in the Walk Now for Autism Speaks!! Our team name is “Awesome with Autism” We are…

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