Our Christmas Card is just a 5×7 opportunity to hide our crazy…

Truly Sweet IMG_6159We are knee deep into the holidays, people!! Lets be merry & deck some halls... Why do we deck halls rather than just decorate them? What do you do if you live in a studio apartment that doesn't have any halls to be decked?!? I feel like those are pretty important questions to be asking!! I keep putting off designing our Christmas cards this year. I think it's because I don't quite know what to put on it. I want to portray our family with sincere honesty. And if we're being real, we aren't nearly as together as the "ideal" card would make us look. I don't always do my make-up... My hair is usually in a unique updo because leaving it down & taming curling these out of control flowing locks takes twice the amount of time. I'm afraid if I put a this-is-what-we-really-look-like photo people will think it's a before and after for something. hehe "The holidays aren't perfect & that's ok... because neither are we."  -- Wouldn't that honesty be somewhat refreshing for our family Christmas card?Truly Sweet IMG_6194 Its funny, when you stop worrying about trying to be "perfect" how much relief can be found. Because isn't being perfect really just setting yourself up for constant failure? Reality check = you're not perfect. Finding perfection was something I struggled with right after we were given the #autism diagnosis... That diagnosis shined a big light on how much our "perfection" was flawed in a major way. And I'm glad it did. No, seriously. It was like I finally had a free pass to accept that I myself am not perfect. And that's totally ok. I can't be the perfect Mom, but I can be the involved Mom that is intentional and plays an active role in her kids interests & activities. I can't be the woman with the perfectly organized, magazine-ready home, but I can have the house that is equipped with a therapy room dedicated to help my kids learn & play together. I can't be Betty Crocker, but I can have spontaneous picnics on the floor that my kids think is an awesome adventure!! I am not a comedienne, but I can make my husband laugh. I can't be the amazing friend that remembers everything & sends thank you cards (gosh I wish that was something I was better at, because I'm really thankful), but I can be a good listener who will ALWAYS lift you up in prayer. I can't fix everything, but I am willing to help in any way possible. The best part of accepting my flaws is realizing that God knew about all of them, even before I did. And he loves me in spite of them. He doesn't love my house, or the pretty pictures I take. He doesn't love me because I'm a good wife & Mom... he loves me just because I'm me. Did I mention he loves ALL of me. Unconditionally. That's big. I'll let you in on a secret... He loves you too. Truly Sweet IMG_6187I'm not sure if it's this season of my life, or the big things we've had to go through in our almost 8 years as a family, but I feel like my eyes are opened in a new way. A way they haven't ever been before...... The things that we do have meaning, whether it is spoken or not. When you hug your child after a bad dream you are telling them they are safe & loved without speaking a word.  That's why it's important to be intentional. If you love someone, let them know. Whether it be in words or in action, make sure they know.  I've learned that giving is really having (let that one sink in for a minute). Here's a big one.... Support the ones you love. I don't say it often enough, but Scott is really amazing. He reads me like a book & knows when I need a little extra tlc... even if I'm too mad or sad to say so. Support is so important. I just sent a package through the new UPS store in Bethlehem this afternoon. Going to the post office would have been less expensive & faster, but I wasn't going to the store out of convenience or being able to save a little money. My brother-in-law, Lynn, was just hired as manager of the new store & I wanted to support him. So, we brought him home-made (from scratch) cookies and sent out a package today. It was intentional, I wanted him to know we think he is special. Showing him support meant more to me than saving a little money or time. After all, aren't people more important than things? Lets make sure the people in our lives know that. Truly Sweet IMG_6169I want to take a second and say a few HUGE thank yous to our friends & family.....Thank you so much to our parents, Rick & Nancy Hanson and Marshall & JoAnn Britt for being so supportive. You each have found your own ways to support us on this adventure and we appreciate you each so much. We are so grateful for your time, your prayers, your encouragement & your commitment to love us through our tough stuff. Big thank you to Scott's brothers, Tim & Lynn. Thank you for your encouragement and acceptance. Lynn, thank you for always offering to watch Dawson. Thank you for teaming up with Lauren to give us a day out as a couple. Scott & I really needed that time to have a date day. To be able to have that and know that our babies are being taken care of is priceless. THANK YOU!! Lauren, thank you for loving our babes so much that you would give up a Saturday to watch them, just because. Stephanie, thank you for listening, for being interested in everything we're doing & finding ways to help advocate. Thank you Nichole for listening when I have to talk out my feelings. Thank you for ALWAYS being there when I need you. (Aren't you glad I was growing out my bangs in 10th grade!!) Thank you Julie White (Who doesn't do social media so will probably not see this unless I send her smoke signals.... and I love you for it) for being hilariously honest. I appreciate you being a meter for me. And don't listen to Joshy-poo. Always tell me exactly what you think. Big thank you to Tina Baer for being so thoughtful, always encouraging, and wanting to not only be involved, but help with Dawson in so many ways. Thank you for investing in my family. Thank you for doing so without agenda or reason other than the kindness of your heart. You are so selfless, Tina, and it does not go unnoticed. You are cherished!! Big thank you to Jessica Hachat for being so great. Not only are you THE BOMB hair dresser (Seriously amazing), but you have the BIGGEST heart of anyone I know. You always check on me & encourage me when I need it most. Thank you for your thoughtfulness. You make me feel special and it's usually on the days I really need it the most. Big Thank you to Jamie Cerezo for your acceptance, encouragement, and support. Even when I've shut down and don't want anything to do with anyone, you still reach out to me. Thank you. Nikki McNab & Laura Berry... You girls sure know how to make a girl feel loved. Thank you for your kind words and encouragement. Thank you to each and every one of you who have read our blog and are following this big #teambritt adventure. Truly Sweet IMG_6162Last, I wanted to update everyone about #awesomeDawson!! We have started Big Boy School (that is Mom-talk for integrated special needs & typically developping PreK for 3 year olds). He is doing AWESOME!!! I am feeling a little bittersweet about the whole thing.... I had him wrapped in bubble wrap, and I had to take that bubble wrap off. That's a little scary. But, seeing how well he's doing at school & how much he's talking & interacting is so rewarding!! And of course all of Dawson's teacher LOVE him. He's a charmer!! #LadiesMan Since the last blog post D has learned to recite his ABCs, he is putting 2 words together occasionally and following instructions. We are still using the Essential Oils and cannot live without them. We had a crazy Saturday where I worked almost the entire day. I came home for a 30 minute window and Dawson was going 90mph and wasn't listening or engaging with others as much. Behaviors I hadn't seen in a long time... Well, the next morning we realized I didn't put his oils on him that Saturday. Needless to say, I haven't missed a day since. Plus, we always get compliments on how good we smell ;o) I hope you are taking a second to step back and enjoy this special time of year surrounded by the people you love the most. Make sure they know how special they are. Happy Birthday Jesus!!Truly Sweet IMG_6153 copy

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